Our Story

square:code’s genesis can be found in the desire to improve the health and quality of life for all. Combining the most advanced exercise science with the energy, community, and motivation of a group setting allows for the structure, instruction, and results needed to help our members live their #bestlife.

The science behind square:code
Kellie Mega, Owner of square:code Fitness

Kellie Mega, Founder

Combining her Masters, Social Work and passion for fitness, Kellie chose to step away from the corporate world and invest herself fully in the creation of square:code FITNESS. The foundation of which was motivated by her desire to provide every individual with a white-glove personalized interaction, combining the energy and community of group fitness with the individual experience of personal training. Following years of participation in and coaching in the boutique fitness industry, Kellie combines operational expertise from her corporate career with knowledge and passion into a fierce package built for success.
Matt Mega, Owner of square:code Fitness

Matt Mega, Founder

Co-founder Matt Mega has always gravitated to his roots in competitive athletics, fitness, and exercise physiology. With square:code, Matt now combines 2 decades of commercialization and marketing success in the medical diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, with his master's degree in Exercise Physiology and decades of performance training program design to create the heart of square:code FITNESS – structured, objective, & progressive programming for the individual in the group dynamic.

Together, Kellie and Matt combine to provide the highest levels of customer engagement using technology, applied science, and the development of a supportive and welcoming environment for novice and expert alike. We hope you’ll join our #sweatsquad and become a part of this amazing community we’re building.

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